An AI that writes content for you!

contentAi is a platform that helps you write content on websites, social media, or any other place for their product. Provide a unique experience of creating content for the people who want to introduce their product in the shortest time. You just need to put a short description of your product, and with the help of AI, multiple contents will be generated based on your needs.

We researched the best NLG and NLU methods to develop the best solution to create clear and meaningful text for your content. Right now, we develop Persian, Arabic, and Turkish language models, which we think is really demanding according to the market.

The journey doesn't end here. As part of the future plan for our research, we tend to automate all aspects of digital marketing with the help of AI. novel and innovative approaches to solving real-world problems like image captioning of products, generating commercial videos based on customer needs, and so on. Every small business owner can benefit from automated marketing.

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